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Nationwide Energy Independence


Solar power supports national security and energy independence by decentralizing the national energy infrastructure and reducing our dependence on the foreign oil, coal and natural gas that is used to produce most of the nation's electricity.

However, the following chart, created by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), shows a very important trend. Solar installations are on the dramatic rise exponentially. These explosive trends show that as the mainstream of America shifts in it's direction, solar energy is proving to be the future's greatest and strongest energy resource. As this will undoubtedly continue to occur, reliance on other finite sources of power will continue to fall, allowing our country to eventually be energy independent and sustainable on it's own.


As we all grow weary with the ongoing notion of increasing utility bills and gasoline rate hikes, solar still remains with a free, limitless energy source. A fully sustainable America would support our nations growth, providing constant energy in areas we previously couldn't, spur our national economy with more jobs in the solar industry, and provide more disposable income to you with the reduction or elimination of utility bill expenses.

Our Advantage to You: Nationwide Energy Independence

Solar Community is spreading the word across the country fast; "Go solar!" The further we expand and the more people we can help impact, the greater the effect will be on our nation's energy independence as a whole. We also contribute donations of full systems regularly. As we've grown from a Texas based company, to a leading nationwide installer, we learned that people are listening. And we're here to answer!

Wherever you might be in contemplating solar energy for your home, Solar Community is the best resource available for information. A good first step is to fill out our free QuoteQuote tool today to start learning what a solar system can do specifically for you. It's only three short steps; first, enter your address to locate your home on our map, second, enter your bills, and third, enter your contact information. One of our team experts then analyzes the information and contacts you immediately to have a talk about what solar options might be best for you. They're also happy to answer any questions you may have the about solar PV and the process. Give us a call at 1.87.SOLAR.NRG for more information anytime. We love what we do, and want you to see how solar can help your life too!

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"I wanted to let you guys know, that you were really on top of your promises...Sending the pictures half way through also provided a nice little customer 'happy moment.' So good job on managing expectations."

- John Kingman

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