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Solar in New Jersey

new-jersey-logoSolar power in New Jersey has been aided by a Renewable Portfolio Standard which requires that 22.5% of New Jersey's electricity come from renewable resources by 2021.

New Jersey is second in the nation in the total number of homes and businesses with solar panels installed, and the second largest solar state in the U.S. with 137 megawatts of installed solar power in 2010, almost a 140% increase over 2009 and 517% increase over 2008. In addition, New Jersey became the second state after to install over 100 MW in a single year in 2010.

In 2009, Public Service Enterprise Group, the largest utility company in New Jersey, announced plans to install solar panels on 200,000 utility poles in its service area in a project costing $773 million, the largest such project in the world. This ground-breaking project is expected to be completed in 2013. In addition, PSEG is building four solar farms in Edison, Hamilton, Linden, and Trenton.

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New Jersey Solar Service Offerings

Solar Community offers a full range of residential solar photovoltaic systems in New Jersey including roof mounts, ground/pole mounts, solar pergolas, battery based systems, and more. We also offer complete solutions for solar thermal system installations, solar attic fans, GE EV Charging Stations, data monitoring and much more. Our goal is to add a substantial contribution in making New Jersey entirely sustainable in the 21st century.

New Jersey Solar System Purchase Options

Solar Community has the strongest, most affordable and most flexible solar purchase options in the industry. Learn more about our Solar Community Leasing Program, and get started and find out more today by calling 1.87.SOLAR.NRG, or filling out or easy, free and fast QuickQuote tool.

  • Financing and Loans: We offer a very customer-friendly Home Equity Loan with flexible payment terms from a 25-year fixed to an interest-only 10-year loan. We also offer a Solar Loan, ideal if you do not want to use the equity in your home to go solar. It is quick and easy to apply, and offers competitive, fixed interest rates, and low monthly payments without the risk of pre-payment penalties.

  • Leasing: Our Zero Down Payment option is the solar installation industry's most flexible option. You can benefit in the installation of a new solar system with no up-front costs after pre-qualification, low monthly lease payments and lower bills. Our Down Payment Plan allows you to choose how much you pre-pay to fit your own budget, and pay down a portion of the lease, resulting in even lower monthly payments. The best overall value is our Pre-Paid Lease, where you make one upfront payment with nothing due for the rest of the lease term.

  • Community Purchase Programs: With our innovative Group Purchase Programs, buying solar with your New Jersey neighbors has proven to be even more cost effective. With multiple solar installation contracts signed at once, we can utilize cheaper labor and material costs for the entire community or neighborhood going solar. Contact us today to learn more about helping your community take a big leap towards sustainability.