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Texas Solar Rebates and Incentives

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Now, more than ever before, going solar has been made both cost-effective and simple for homeowners. Cost-effectiveness is largely assisted by Government-initiated residential solar rebates and incentives, which are in place on a Federal, State and Local level. Simplicity is achieved with Solar Community, as we handle the entire paperwork process for you. By thoroughly researching and matching cost-cutting solar rebates and incentives on a case-by-case basis, we will work hard to ensure the lowest system cost possible for each individual customer. With Solar Community helming the whole procedure, it couldn’t be easier for you!

Federal: Save With a Tax Credit

The same U.S. Federal Credit applies to every new system installation at a flat 30% of the full system price after installation, with no upper limit. Solar Community will provide you with the document necessary to add to your tax forms. The discount comes for you as a tax credit. All applicable photovoltaic systems must provide electricity for the residence and must meet applicable fire and electrical code requirements. For more information on the Federal Tax Credit, click here.

State: Renewable Energy Systems Property Tax Exemption

The Texas property tax code allows an exemption of the amount of the appraised property value that arises from the installation or construction of a solar or wind-powered energy device that is primarily for the production and distribution of thermal, mechanical, or electrical energy for on-site use, or devices used to store that energy. "Solar" is broadly defined and includes a range of biomass technologies. Eligible renewable technologies include passive solar space heat, solar water heat, solar space heat, solar thermal electric, solar thermal process heat, photovoltaics, wind, biomass, storage technologies, solar pool heating, anaerobic digestion. Learn more about the Texas Renewable Energy Systems Property Tax Exemption in the Texas tax code.

Local: Utility Rebate programs

Each of the following local utility rebates are subject to frequent change. Please contact your local Solar Community Sales representative to verify the applicable rebate.

  • CPS Energy:
    • $2.00/watt residential rebate – up to $25,000 max rebate
    • $2.50/watt for Schools for the first 25kW and $1.30/watt for anything over 25kW - $100,000 Cap on School Rebates
    • $2.00/watt for Commercial rebates for the first 25kW and $1.30/watt for anything over 25kW – $200,000 Cap on Commercial Rebate
    More information is available at the CPS rebates webpage.

  • Austin Energy Solar Rebate program: The residential rebate is $2.50 per watt and the annual rebate amounts are limited to $15,000 per site. More information is available at the Austin Energy rebates webpage.

  • Guadalupe Valley Electric Co-op Initiative Rebate program: The GVEC provides a Solar Energy rebate of $2.50 per watt with a maximum of 4kW or $10,000. Only GVEC members are eligible. They offer rebates for solar PV electric systems, solar water heaters, solar powered attic fans, solar water wells, and wind generators. More information is available at the GVEC rebates webpage.

  • BTU (Bryan Texas Utility) Solar Rebates: BTU offers a solar rebate of $3 per watt AC, with a maximum rebate of $9,000 for Residential customers. More information is available at the BTU rebates webpage.

  • Oncor Solar PV Program: The residential rebate is set at $2.25 per watt DC. The maximum residential rebate is capped at $24,600 or 10kW. When combined with the Federal Tax Credit, residential and commercial customers can save up to 60% of the retail price of a solar electric system. More information is available at the Oncor rebates webpage.

  • El Paso Solar PV Pilot Program: This program offers a solar rebate of $2.00 per DC watt for new solar energy systems. More information is available at the El Paso Solar PV Pilot Program webpage. Also check out The City of El Paso's Website for more information as well.

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